St Austell regeneration opportunities

Town Revitalisation Partnership

The St Austell Town Revitalisation Partnership aims to support local stakeholders. This is so they can achieve their aspirations of being an even better town to work, live, study and visit. More information on the partnership available at the Town Centre Revitalisation Partnership.

Penwinnick Road

Cornwall Council is reviewing how it uses its buildings across the County. This is part of an Estates Transformation Programme.

The way the Council and its staff work and deliver services has changed. This means the offices at the Penwinnick site are no longer needed.

Services and staff will move to another location within St Austell.

The Penwinnick site is an important and unique site for St Austell. Cornwall Council want to ensure any future development is:

  • appropriate for the local area
  • retains green spaces
  • benefits the local community

With this in mind, a Planning Statement has been developed and offers guidance to potential developers.

St Austell Residential Housing Market

A high level overview of the residential housing market within St Austell has been undertaken. This has assisted in the development of the Planning Statement. Further information is available in the St Austell Market report.

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