St Austell China Clay Restoration and Tipping Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Cornwall has many mineral resources. Some of these minerals are locally important for building. Others, such as china clay, are of international significance.

China clay deposits world-wide are very limited. North of St Austell the china clay area is important for mineral working. The mineral planning permission covers some 88 square kilometres. The production of china clay also produces waste material. Much of it is a usable material for concrete and sand products.

Planning policies for mineral working and safeguarding are set out in:

  • The Cornwall Local Plan and
  • The Cornwall Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document

The Restoration and Tipping Strategy for the St Austell China Clay area has been adopted.

The SPD provides operational and technical guidance. This is to support future china clay working and restoration.

The SPD looks at the effectiveness of current restoration. It also sets a strategy for future restoration. This is to improve the environment for nature and communities. The SPD also recognises that there are opportunities for alternative after-uses.

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