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Advice for certain groups

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless, we can advise you.  We can offer tailored advice for people in specific situations: 

Released from prison

We have a specialist prison release team that works closely with prison resettlement teams. Get further advice to understand how we can help you.

Young people at risk of becoming homeless

Young people at risk of homelessness page provides information for 16 and 17 years olds who need to find a new home

Young people leaving care

If you have been in the care of the Local Authority you may be able to get extra support to stop you from becoming homeless. 

Former members of the armed services

If you a former member of regular armed services there is lots of help available. We provide advice on how to access these services.

The Government has announced plans to end Veteran homelessness. Veterans can access the scheme through a dedicated charity helpline on 01748 833797.

Domestic abuse

If you are not safe in your home, you should contact us immediately for homeless assistance. You can also get further advice if you are experiencing domestic abuse.
The sanctuary scheme helps people get extra security for their home.

Suffering mental illness

If you are concerned about your mental health, seek support and speak to your GP. We provide advice for people suffering mental illness and homelessness. Call 0800 038 5300 for a 24/7 mental health support helpline.

Leaving hospital

We may be able to support you to get adaptations in your home or find alternative accommodation. We provide advice for people leaving hospital and worried that they will be homeless.

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