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Report a problem about a waste service

Please read before reporting a problem about a waste service
Sometimes customers want to request a waste service, or to tell us something needs changing with one of the waste services they already receive but can't always see how to do this online.

We've added some "Report" links on this page to our most frequently used forms to help you find the right one so we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible.   

There are also some examples below for things you may need to tell us about that we wouldn't consider a problem or complaint, so we've given you a link to the appropriate contact form you can use instead. 

Please review all of the following options to find the one that is most appropriate for what you're looking for. 

Problem with your new rubbish container?

If we have already delivered a wheelie bin or protective sack for the new waste collections service in your area and you wish to request an extra bin/sack or to exchange the type of container , please visit our About your new bins page.  The forms on that page are the only way to make these types of requests.  

Do you need to give us some information?

There could be lots of reasons why you might need to provide us with some information but there isn't a specific form for what you want to tell us.  A few common examples are:

  • I’ve just moved into a new property and I’m not getting any collections yet
  • My neighbour is leaving their rubbish out too early or unprotected and it’s creating a littering issue
  • I’m moving house and need to change my address for my Garden Waste, Clinical Waste or Assisted Waste collections
  • I have weekly Clinical Waste collections and want to change, suspend or stop them
  • I have Assisted Waste Collections and I need to change the place where I leave my waste or to tell you I no longer need assistance
  • I’m not sure if you’ve received my payment for Garden Waste Collections or a Bulky Waste Collection
  • One of your forms says I’m producing commercial waste at my home address but I don't any more

If you need to contact us for one of the reasons above, or something similar, please complete our form below

Contact Us - Waste

Do you want to complain about something?

If none of the suggestions above cover the issue you need to tell us about and you think it is a waste-related complaint, there are two types:

1. Feedback and complaints about Cornwall Council

  • If you're not happy with the way we've handled something, or
  • If you've already asked us to do something and we haven't done it, or
  • You don't agree with one of our waste policies and want to provide feedback   

please use the reporting form on our Feedback and Complaints page which will be investigated by our Waste Management team. 

Feedback and Complaints about Cornwall Council

2. Service complaint against a contractor

This is a new complaint about a waste service that you haven't reported before about the quality of service provided by one of our waste contractors. For example:

  • our household recycling and rubbish collections or street and beach cleaning services which are provided by Biffa Municipal Ltd. 

  • our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), which are managed by SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK

Please click the button below to complete the form which will be investigated by our contractor. 

Make a Service Complaint about a contractor

If you've already reported this issue about a contractor before and it still hasn't been resolved, please use the link for 1. Feedback and Complaints about Cornwall Council so that we can investigate it further.

Need help?

Most issues can be resolved online, it's the quickest and most convenient way to get help.

Use our contact us form

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