Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.


Following advice from government to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the Electoral Services’ Team has moved to home-based working thereby avoiding unnecessary travel as well as protecting our staff and electors.

However, we are working hard to keep the service operating effectively in the face of unprecedented challenges. We have procedures in place to deal with the post but would encourage all electors to use online functions, as this will speed the process up.

The Government has introduced new Regulations allowing Returning Officers to postpone all elections until 6 May 2021.  Other electoral legislation has not been altered and we have to continue to carry out these functions within the Public Health for England guidelines.  This includes advertising casual vacancies and all electoral registration functions.

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time. 

We organise all elections in Cornwall for Cornwall Council, Town and Parish Councils, UK Parliament, European Parliament, Police and Crime Commissioner, plus Business Improvement District ballots and Neighbourhood Plan referendums.

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There are currently six parliamentary constituencies in Cornwall.

For Cornwall Council elections, there are currently 122 Electoral Divisions, each electing one Cornwall councillor, except for the Bude division which elects two Cornwall councillors.

From the May 2021 Cornwall Council elections, there will be 87 Electoral Divisions, each electing one Cornwall councillor. There will also be changes to some parish and town council warding arrangements. More details are available on our Electoral Review of Cornwall Council page.

There are currently 213 parishes in Cornwall. 

We conduct Community Governance Reviews of parish electoral arrangements, to consider issues including warding parish areas and the number of councillors to be elected. Our 2019-20 Community Governance Review web pages have more information.

Electoral Services also manage Individual Electoral Registration, undertake the annual canvass of all residential households and publish the register of electors. We deal with related matters like monthly applications to be included on the register or to vote by post.

We act as a consultee in government boundary reviews that affect Cornwall. We also deal with reviews of the polling districts and polling places that define where you vote.

We manage Business Improvement District ballots on behalf of local groups, to decide if a Business Improvement District can be created or not.

We conduct Neighbourhood Planning Referendums on behalf of communities who wish to have a Neighbourhood plan to determine how land is to be developed in their area.

The law relating to how we collect, hold and process personal data has changed, following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Please read our privacy notice which provides information on what we do with your data and your rights.


Your vote matters. To be able to vote your name must appear on the electoral register. Since 2014, under the individual electoral registration system, each person is responsible for their own registration and must register to vote themselves.
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Information on upcoming elections and referendums due to take place in Cornwall. For results, please go to Election results and information.
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You can vote at your polling station or apply to vote by post or by proxy. Since 2014, under the individual electoral registration system, each person must register to vote themselves. You need to be registered to vote before you can vote by post or proxy. 

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Results for previous elections and referendums held in Cornwall, along with parish electorate statistics.
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Information and maps for the electoral divisions in Cornwall. There are 122 Electoral Divisions, each electing one Cornwall councillor, except for the Bude division which elects two Cornwall councillors.  Further detail is available via the Maps and Schedules on our Polling Districts and Polling Places Review 2014 pages.

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If you are interested in becoming a town or parish councillor, please view the list of current vacancies. You can also find information on the requirements to be a councillor.
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