Banners, buntings, seasonal lights or flower baskets over the highway

Apply for a licence

Some banners may need planning permission as well as highway consent. Permission to erect banners is restricted to specific, suitable locations.  Please download the relevant application form:

Your banners must not include any markings or words that could be mistaken for highway directional signs.  Banners cannot be used to advertise commercial events.  We will not approve any application that includes offensive material.

There is no charge for these applications. However, if a road closure or traffic lights are required then an additional application and fee will apply. 

For more information please view the Temporary Traffic Management page.

Things to consider

  1. How are you going to erect them?
  2. How are you going to get them across the highway, road or footway without endangering highway users including pedestrians?
  3. What are you going to attach to the banners, buntings or lights? Not everything is suitable to attach a line to. You need to ask yourself the questions 'is it strong enough?' and 'if the line is snagged by a high vehicle will the line break or pull down what it is attached to?'
  4. With what or how are you going to attach the banners, buntings or lights?
  5. Have you permission to attach to private or Council property?
  6. How high will the banners, buntings or lights be above the highway once in place? Double decker buses are nearly 15 feet high but may not be the tallest vehicle that uses the route.
  7. Have you considered the dangers of overhead power lines, etc?
  8. How will access be maintained to any power supply cut off switches in case of an emergency?

Further advice on organising your event

As an event organiser you have a duty to undertake a risk assessment. 

You must also record what measures you have taken to mitigate risk.  You will find some useful advice on risk assessments on our events pages.

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