Traffic management for events and roadworks

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Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) may be required when it is necessary to control traffic along a length of highway.

A  TTRO can be applied for:

  • Road closure
  • Speed restriction
  • Height/Width restriction
  • Weight restriction
  • One-way suspensions or reversals
  • No waiting restrictions

For emergency works a Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice (TTRN) can be issued.

Apply for a TTRO/TTRN

If you are working on behalf of a statutory undertaker they will need to issue a permit and then complete a TTRO Application form.

If you are a private contractor you will need to complete the TTRO application as well as the associated licence. For example; if you need to close the road to install a new water pipe, you will need a Section 50 licence as well as the TTRO. 

If you are unsure of what licence you may require please contact street works using the details on this page.

Download a TTRO application form

Traffic management must be set up by suitably qualified personnel and street works will need to be told of this on the application form. 

How much it costs

Type of TTRO Cost

TTRO full order giving 12 weeks notice


TTRO full order giving less than 12 weeks notice


Emergency TTRN for a 24 hour duration


TTRN 5 or 21 day 


TTRN followed by an order


TTRO Extension


Signing Schedule


The signing schedule is a plan of the closure, approved diversion route and which signs are required and where they are to be located. Street works do not hire or place signs it is up to the applicant to source the required equipment.

Please note that additional charges may apply if you require a licence to carry out the works.

Closing the road for an event

On occasions you may wish to close the road for an event. Events on the highway generally fall under one of the following types:

  • Street party (big lunch or other)
  • Running (marathon, part of triathlon, etc.)
  • Street market or fayre/fair
  • Carnival or parade (including dances and processions)

Find information on holding a street party and to get an application form.

For all other events you will need to complete an event notification form. Find out  about organising an event.

A minimum of 12 weeks notice is required for the application. If information remains missing or is found to be inadequate within 6 weeks of the closure date then the application will de declined.

How much it costs

Community events:

Event / Activity Road Closure
Small Event (Less than 5000 people)  £47
Large Event (more than 5000 people)  £107
Events of National Significance  No Charge

Commercial events:

Event / Activity Road Closure
Small Event (Less than 5000 people)  At cost*
Large Event (more than 5000 people)  At cost*

Please contact Street works on 0300 1234 222 for details of charges for commercial events.

One day training course 

The Council has organised a one day training course – “Traffic Management for Community Events”.  This is targeted at people who organise and put out traffic management e.g. signs, cones and road closed boards for events. 

For more information and to book a place on this course, please contact Chris Bowden at the Notter Bridge Training Centre.

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