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Pay for parking with your mobile using JustPark

What is JustPark

JustPark is a parking app, website and phone service that allows you to pay for parking in the majority of Cornwall Council car parks. 

There are many benefits to using JustPark:

  • it offers convenience and flexibility, enabling you to make stress free parking payments
  • there is no need to find coins to use in the machines
  • you can also top up your parking (subject to the maximum stay allowed) without having to return to the car park.
  • you can only for pay a session at the time of parking, you can't pre-book a parking session or reserve a space.

How much does it cost?

In addition to the parking tariff, a 10p transaction fee applies to your booking. (Please note that your normal network data charges will also apply).

If you are using the JustPark phone service you can opt in to receive reminder texts. These cost 10p each and:

  • confirm that your parking session has started
  • remind you that your parking session is about to expire

When using the app, JustPark will send you a free notification to let you know that your parking is about to expire.

Register and pay

  • You will need to register for an account before you can use the service. Registering is very quick and simple.
  • You only need to do it once and your details will be kept. Paying after that could not be simpler.
  • You can register for JustPark online or download the Apps for iPhones or Android smartphones.

Register onlineRegister for JustPark online

Download the app 

Download the Just Park app on an iPhone

Download the JustPark app on an Android smartphone

Pay with the JustPark app for the first time

  1. Once in the app, enter the location ID of the car park . (These are shown on the tariff signs in the car park or you can find the JustPark Cornwall Council car park location codes here). 
  2. Select the length of time you want to park for. A parking session can only be purchased at the time of parking.
  3. Tap pay and create an account
  4. Add your number plate and payment details

Pay by phone for the first time

  1. Call 01872 302947 (shown on the tariff signs in the car parks)
  2. Enter the location ID (shown on the tariff signs in the car park or you can find JustPark Cornwall Council car park location codes here)
  3. Choose the length of time you want to park. A parking session can only be purchased at the time of parking.
  4. Enter your card details
  5. Text your number plate (JustPark will text you first, so simply reply to that message)

Extend your parking time

Running late?  No problem.

If you need more time, you can extend your parking via phone, SMS or the app.

Please be aware you can only extend your stay if it is allowed according to the maximum stay time of the car park.

This will be shown on the tariff board in the car park. If it is not allowed you will not be able to extend the time through JustPark.  

VAT receipt for my parking session

The JustPark apps allows you to store your full parking history digitally, this includes VAT receipts.

JustPark Wallet

Our JustPark wallet provides excellent value for money if you regularly park in Cornwall Council car parks across Cornwall.

By pre-loading your account with our wallet, you can access discounts of up to 75% in most long stay car parks

Find out more about JustPark Wallet

This includes a step by step guide for using them in our pay on exit car parks page.

Pay on Exit car parksRover tickets can no longer be purchased through JustPark.

Find out more about Countywide rover tickets

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