JustPark Wallet

What is the JustPark Wallet? 

The JustPark Wallet lets you pre load funds into a dedicated wallet in the JustPark app at a discounted rate, for you to use when needed.

You choose how much to pay up front (minimum spend applies), then use your credit to pay a discounted rate at many Cornwall Council car parks.

These tickets could be excellent value for money if

  • you regularly commute or
  • you regularly use a specific car park but don't park every day of the week.

Each parking session runs for 24 hours on whichever day its required. 

Pre-load your wallet here

How much can I save?

By buying our Wallet, you will be able to park from:

  • as little as £1.75
  • no more than £2.50 in Truro

How do they work?

You will need a JustPark account and the JustPark app downloaded on your smartphone. You will then need to pre-load your account funds. Each day you need to park, you simply book your parking using the JustPark app. When selecting your payment method, select your Wallet. The discounted tariff will then be applied and the payment will be taken from your wallet. 

How do I use the Wallet in pay on exit (barrier) car parks?

You will need to have downloaded the JustPark app so that you can use one of your sessions 

On entering the Pay on Exit car park take a ticket from the entry barrier. Then activate a session upon arrival to the car park once you have found a space and parked. If your registration number is not found, you will be alerted and asked to scan your entry ticket.

Select the Wallet as your payment method and the discount will be applied. You will be able to exit the car park by putting the ticket into the machine beside the exit barrier.

More detailed information can be found in our Pay On Exit Wallet step by step guide. 

Where can I use the Wallet and how much does it cost?  

The JustPark Wallet is available for a lot of our long stay council car parks but it can only be used in the car parks listed.  

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