Countywide rover tickets

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Car parks are free from Saturday 16 January 2021 until 17 May 2021. If you know you will need to park after the 17 May 2021, you can buy our Season or Rover tickets in advance.

V5C (vehicle log book) information - Currently there may be delays in the arrival of valid V5C certificates. We need will need these for approval of various permits. Please still submit them if you have them. We will put in place temporary measures for approval of tickets without them. 
Please note; As soon as delivery is back to normal you will be required to submit a valid V5C for your tickets to remain valid. It is your responsibility to only apply for a permit you are eligible. If the application requires a valid V5C that cannot be provided when requested, we will cancel your permit without refund.

What is a rover ticket?

A rover ticket lets you park your car in most (but not all) Council long stay car parks for a single payment. 

You can now purchase them to start at any time of the day, so you can park immediately after you have made your payment if you need to. 

Our tickets are electronic so you will not have a ticket to display in your windscreen. Once you have purchased your ticket, and received confirmation it is valid. Our parking officers can check your ticket using your vehicle registration.

How much is a rover ticket?

  • 7 day rover - £47.71
  • 3 month rover - £209.29
  • 6 month rover - £418.59
  • Annual rover - £837.17

Car parks where rover tickets are available

A full list of the car parks you will be able to park in can be found on the Rover ticket car park list.

Buy a rover ticket

You can buy your ticket:

  • online using the ZatPermit system
  • through our Parking Permit team

Please read the terms and conditions before you buy your ticket. If you have bought a ticket before we strongly advise you to read them again as there have been changes. 

Buy or renew a Rover ticket online 

You can buy a rover ticket online using our new ZatPermit system.  If you haven't used it before you will need to create an account before you can start to select your ticket.  It is very quick and easy to do.  

When you buy a ticket online:

  • tickets can start from within minutes of your purchase. They can also start on whatever day and time you wish them to
  • for 3 month, 6 month and annual Rover ticket you are allowed to make 1 vehicle change for each ticket you buy. You can do this for free online through your ZatPermit account.  The change will be applied instantly.  Vehicle changes are not allowed on 7 day rover tickets. 
  • you can set up your own SMS (a 10p fee applies) or email reminders so you don't forget to renew your ticket.  If you don't choose this option you will no longer receive a reminder letter

Buy a rover ticket online

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Buy a ticket through the parking permit team

When you buy a ticket through the permits team:

  • tickets can only start after we have received your enquiry and contacted you.  That can take up to ten days in busy periods 
  • for 3 month, 6 month and annual Rover tickets the permit team can make 1 vehicle change for each ticket you buy. Changes can take up to 5 working days to be processed so you must advise us in advance of when you need to park the new vehicle.  A  £10 admin fee will be charged. Vehicle changes are not allowed on 7 day rover tickets
  • you will receive reminder letters by post.  These will be sent automatically 30 days in advance of your ticket expiring. The SMS/email option is not available. Reminders are not sent for 7 days rover tickets. 

To make a request that we contact you to process a ticket or make changes for you use our online permit enquiry form

Make changes to your account

To make changes to your account you will need to login to your ZatPermit account. 

Make changes to your account

Through your account you can: 

  • View all your ticket details
  • Make one vehicle change per ticket (this is not available for 7 day rovers)
  • Amend your contact information

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