Permit Terms and Conditions

Parking permit terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions documents that relate to your parking permit carefully as it gives a lot of information about how you can use your ticket.

Resident Zone Parking Permits

A lot of information regarding the Resident Parking Permit scheme can be found in the Terms & Conditions here.

Resident Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

Season, Countrywide Rover, Coach Rover tickets and conditions

Rover & Season Terms and Conditions

Vehicle changes - Specific information about these are in the Terms & conditions document but below is a basic ‘how to guide’ for completing them in your online permit account.

You can complete only the number of vehicle changes as are detailed within the Terms and Conditions. To make the change yourself in your online permit account:

  • Log into your online permit account
  • Go to the 'Vehicle' area on the menu and from there you can add another vehicle registration
  • Then go to 'My Bookings' and select the permit you wish to change the vehicle for
  • In the 'Action' area you will see 'Change Vehicle' (if vehicle changes are not allowed on your ticket you won’t see that option) and simply select the one that you wish to use

If you have already completed the maximum number of vehicle changes allowed, the online permit system won’t allow you to complete any more. Vehicle changes are applied instantly, they cannot be booked to happen at a different time.

Disabled Parking Exemption Scheme

Disabled Exemption Terms and Conditions

Vehicle changes these have to be approved and so must be completed by the Parking Permit team in advance. Please read the terms and conditions for further details of what you need to do and how to contact us.

Reserved Car Park Permits

Reserved Car Park Permits Licence Agreement


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