Nansledan Local Development Order

Cornwall Council adopted a Local Development Order (LDO) at Nansledan, Newquay on 16 March 2021. This is to help the delivery of:

  • local housing
  • employment space and
  • community infrastructure

Nansledan is identified as an allocated site within the adopted Cornwall Local Plan.

The land the Order relates to is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. They have supported Cornwall Council during the preparation of the LDO.

What is the LDO Order?

The Local Development Order sets out the types of development (use classes) that are granted permission for the Nansledan area. It includes:

  • maps
  • details of the uses permitted
  • general conditions
  • supporting information

The LDO contains documents such as a detailed design guide and conditions. These make sure that development is of a high quality and infrastructure is provided.

How is the Order different to a 'standard' planning permission? 

The LDO is another form of planning permission. Instead of restricting to a particular project or change of use, it provides flexibility for many projects and changes of use. Providing the projects and changes follow the guidance in the Order. The LDO sets standards and guidelines for development. It will thus reduce the number of formal planning applications required within the Nansledan development area.


The Order

The Statement of Reason summary document explains why the LDO is being made. A summary of the Environmental Statement accompanies the LDO.

Nansledan Design Manual

As well as the LDO and associated documents, a Design Manual is available for the Nansledan area. The Design Manual is a large document so its' split into manageable sections. 

Design Manual

Design Manual: Pattern Book

Design Manual: Green Infrastructure

Design Manual: Highways

Design Manual: Mitigation

All of the LDO documents can be viewed via the online planning register

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