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Helping the elderly community

Support for senior citizens

Some elderly people may be particularly at risk from fire due to health problems or reduced mobility. Approximately half of those killed by fires in the home are aged 60 or over. People with disabilities are also at increased risk from fire.

Poor mobility, poor sense of smell and a reduced tolerance of smoke and burns contribute to fatalities. Major sources of ignition include cookers, smoking materials, candles, coal fires, heaters and electric blankets.

Elderly people smoking in bed or falling asleep in a chair with a lighted cigarette have resulted in a number of fatalities. The problem is particularly acute for those who live alone.

Cornwall Fire,Rescue and Community Safety Service has therefore identified elderly and vulnerable people as a top priority for action. This includes publicity campaigns and direct interventions, where we will carry out a free home safety visit, then provide and fit smoke alarms and other equipment which will enhance the safety of the individual.

Do you have an elderly or vulnerable relative, neighbour or friend whose safety would be improved with this support? If so, please call our free 24 hour fire safety advice line 0800 3581 999 or complete our on-line form.

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