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Living safe and well

Living Safe and Well home safety visits

Living Safe and Well is a home safety visit that’s tailored to an individual’s needs, relating to their health and lifestyle choices.

We offer free of charge:

Who do we visit?

Whilst we’d like to offer visits to all Cornwall residents, we simply aren’t able to. As such we focus our visits on the most vulnerable people in our community. The following is a list of vulnerabilities that may indicate a person is at more risk of harm from fire:

  • Cognitive impairments – which would mean a person might not understand what to do in the event of a fire
  • Mobility impairments – meaning a person’s ability to escape from a property in an emergency would be hindered
  • Signs of carelessness with smoking materials – burn marks evident within the property
  • Substance misuse – which may impair a person’s ability to exit a property in an emergency
  • Hoarding or high levels of clutter – this can obstruct a person’s ability to exit a property as well as provide high levels of fuel to feed a fire
  • Returning home from hospital and there are fire concerns in the home, e.g. burn marks on bedding, furniture or carpets, electrical faults, unsafe practices with cooking and heating the home, the occupier smokes and there is no fire alarms installed in the home

Within the Living Safe and Well pages you can learn how to recognise when you or someone else needs help or has a problem. We have provided contact details for organisations and clinics offering advice and help.


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