Forest for Cornwall and individuals

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Forest for Cornwall and individuals

You can:

  • Plant a tree in your garden – all trees can count towards Forest for Cornwall. Our Back Garden Forest project has already given away 9000 trees. 
  • Grow trees from seed for a community planting
  • Help out at your local community tree nursery or tree planting project

Any tree planting in Cornwall since December 2019 can count towards Forest for Cornwall. (As long as they were not planted as part of a planning condition or other statutory requirement).  Let us know about your tree planting activity so that it can become part of Forest for Cornwall on our Contact Us form.

Volunteer as a Tree Guardian and get rewarded with our Time Credits scheme

Anyone can volunteer as a Tree Guardian in their local area. This involves the vital work of watering, weeding, and keeping an eye on the young trees as they establish. This is particularly important if we have a hot dry summer following planting. As part of volunteering, all residents can join the Time Credit Scheme where your time is rewarded with voucher credits which can be spent at local businesses. These are available to anyone who volunteers with F4C.

Volunteer as a Tree Warden for your local town or parish

There are many Tree Wardens currently working across Cornwall to protect, conserve, and plant trees in their community. There are no requirements for becoming a tree warden apart from a love of trees and your local environment! If you think you might be interested in joining this thriving group get in contact via the Contact Us form or email . We have a number of  interesting events and training planned, including tree planting with advice on techniques and maintenance.

Come and join us!

Grow More Trees - Autumn seed search

Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust have partnered up to launch a county-wide autumn seed search. They are encouraging everyone to collect tree seeds to grow over the winter. This leaflet is packed with useful information on how to Grow More Trees. This includes how to collect seeds, and how to grow and look after them. It has detailed information on many of our native tree species. Invaluable for anyone looking to help our environment by increasing native trees in Cornwall! The Tree Council have also produced a handy advice page on how to grow trees.

Help and guidance for your project

Forest for Cornwall has dedicated funding for new tree planting projects.  It has created a range of useful resources to help get projects off the ground. Please have a look at the following information to see what help is available:

Tree planting and maintenance guidance

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