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What is Forest for Cornwall?

Forest for Cornwall aims to support everyone to plant trees across Cornwall. This includes everything from planting a whole woodland to..

  • individual trees in gardens
  • hedgerows
  • street trees
  • parks 
  • trees on farms
  • and orchards

Every tree planted will contribute to:

  • improving natural habitats, biodiversity, economic and health benefits
  • helping to tackle climate change

Forest for Cornwall was created when the Climate Emergency was declared by Cornwall Council in January 2019. It is the main project outlined by the Climate Change Action Plan (July 2019). This plan also sets out how Cornwall will aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. The Environmental Growth Strategy has been drawn up to show how we can make this happen. In 2021 the council also declared an Ecological Emergency as a call for action to help save our valuable natural habitat and the wildlife that depends on it. 

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