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Defra announces funding boost and new partnership with Forest for Cornwall, National Woodland Creation Partnership pilot. Thanks to a funding boost from the Woodland Trust, Forest for Cornwall will be supporting more communities to plant trees.

The Forest for Cornwall, conceived by Cornwall Council, is an ambitious tree planting project with the principle aim of fighting climate change.

When complete we hope it will cover approximately 8,000 hectares - that’s about 2% of Cornwall’s land area.

The Forest for Cornwall is not a single area of new forest.

It’s our ambition to significantly increase all forms of canopy cover throughout Cornwall, whilst strengthening the protection of our existing backbone of trees, woodlands and hedges.

The Forest for Cornwall is part of Cornwall Council's response to climate change and striving towards Cornwall becoming carbon neutral.

Are you looking for resources to start your planting project this season? Visit our How to start your project page for useful links and advice 

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Autumn At Golitha Falls On Bodmin Moor
Darley Oak At Linkinhorne, Image Supplied By Greg Martin
Golitha Woods
Roseland Beeches, Images Supplied By Nick Cooper

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