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Farmers and Landholders

Defra has released new information on funding for agroforestry and improvements to their trees and woodlands offer.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can support you with this funding. 

Support for farmers and landholders

Did you know Forest for Cornwall (F4C) can now help support your tree planting ambitions using our own funding? 

This is because we were chosen as one of only two Woodland Creation Partnerships funded by DEFRA’s Nature for Climate Fund. We can now directly support farmers and landholders with the following:

  • The right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose.
  • Advice and technical support that is free of charge
  • Initial discussions and checks on the land (e.g., historical and environmental) to provide key early guidance, often saving you time and money.
  • A site visit to discuss your project on the ground.
  • Preparing a report summarising:
    • the opportunities and constraints on the land
    • planting opportunities that work for your aims
    • funding options
  • Applying for external grant funding where appropriate or offering direct financial support.
  • Planting and maintenance recommendations
  • Identifying a good tree supply for the project. Forest for Cornwall is working with a network of local nurseries to increase quality tree supply within the county.

The aim of our fund is to help landowners overcome existing funding barriers and make planting happen. If you want to plant trees, we want to help.  

Most importantly - this is your project!  Your aims and requirements are the most important factor for success. There is no restriction on the type or size of planting we can support, and each project will be assessed on its own merits.

Would you like to know more about how agroforestry could work alongside and benefit your farm or business? Have a look at our new videos on Agroforestry and farm diversification and Agroforestry and its' benefits for livestock

Recent Projects

Have a look at our projects page to see the range of projects we have supported so far.


Funding sources:

Forestry Commission

  • England Woodland Creation Offer – funding tree planting on areas from one hectare in size and will cover up to 100% of costs
  • There are other FC grants including the Woodland Creation Planning Grant and Woodland Carbon Code

Woodland Trust

  • MoreWoods- for areas over 0.5 hectares (or more than 500 trees) up to 75% funded. MoreHedges – hedge planting over 100m
  • Trees for Your Farm - an agroforestry fund. Plant 500 trees or more to improve productivity and the environment on your farm. Funding of up to 100% of costs is available for agroforestry schemes, including a site visit and tree planting assessment. Email to find out more.

Tree Council

Orchard Grants – PTES

  • Restocking traditional orchards or new community orchard creation


Protect Earth 

  • Protect Earth provides funding for woodlands, shelterbelts, and silvopasture. Funding is more likely if you are combining agroforestry with woodland or shelterbelt plantings. They provide project management including ecologist advice to find out what to plant where. They also provide volunteers to do the planting and bring together various grants and funds so the work can be done at no cost to you.

Ecosia Regenerative Agroforestry Incubator 

  • Ecosia invest in agricultural projects that plant trees to re-establish healthy ecosystems and restore soils. The aim is to improve the impact of agriculture on our climate, landscapes and society.
  • Unlike other funders Ecosia provide loans rather than grants to stimulate the development of market viable production systems with trees. You'll need a project description, site plan and design and a business plan to apply

Contact Us to discuss your possible funding options for planting trees. 

Plastic Tree Guards and Recycling

Plastic tree guards can become a problem if they are not removed. They can restrict the growth of your tree and also add plastic debris into the environment. Tree guards can remain for up to 5-10 years depending on the growth of the  tree. It's also important to make sure they are safe from browsing animals. 

In Cornwall we are lucky to have one of the few Recycling Hubs for Tubex plastic tree guards. This is hosted for free by The Grower at St Agnes. The company were concerned about the potential for more plastic waste in the landscape as tree planting increases. The Grower have volunteered to take any make of PP and PE tree guards you remove between May and September. 2024 is a trial year for this service, so please help The Grower prove the service is required in Cornwall by using it. Tubex also have some handy guidance on the removal of tree guards

The Forestry Commission is asking for help to locate redundant tree guards so that they can be recycled. They have created Plot That Plastic, a new app where you can add tree guard sightings. The FC will work with landholders and volunteers to remove tree guards in the future. 

Utilities Checks

If you are planting trees it is essential to carry out the necessary utilities checks. We have outlined some guidance to assist you with this.                         Utilities Checks Guidance

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By planting trees across Cornwall you are making an important contribution to the natural environment. You are also helping Cornwall's efforts to become carbon neutral. It would be great to hear about your tree planting, please use our Contact Us form.

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