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Benefits for people and places

The Benefits

Trees make up a vital part of our landscape, our local parks and green spaces, streets, gardens and playgrounds. They also contribute to our sense of place and home. Think about the 'Nearly Home' trees on the Cornish border and the emotions these bring. 

Forest for Cornwall projects will always take into consideration: 

  • wildlife habitats
  • heritage
  • landscape character
  • land use

This means that we will continue to protect and enhance our existing landscape.

This video shows well known Cornish artist Kurt Jackson describing the benefits of  planting trees, creating woodland habitats and their importance for our wellbeing.

Forest for Cornwall aims to help share these benefits more widely across Cornwall with the support and consultation of local residents and community organisations.

We have already supported a large number of very different projects. These videos show some of the work we have been doing:



Have a look at this page which explains how you can get involved:

I want to plant trees

Climate Change

The impacts of climate change will not only affect our landscape and nature but also our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Planting now will help to mitigate the effects that climate change is already having on our environment. We can help to prevent flooding, soil erosion, provide shade and shelter, grow local fruit crops, and have local wood and fuel sources.  Trees can also help with noise and pollution reduction in urban areas. 

We are collaborating with Cornwall Council projects which are working on other areas of our natural habitat. These include wildflower meadows and marine eelgrass. 

Carbon Neutral Cornwall and the Local Nature Recovery Strategy are also supporting the work of Cornwall's Environmental Growth Strategy.  

For example by:

  • providing energy reduction options such as electric car charging points
  • planning how our coast and marine life can be protected and enhanced. 

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