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Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive

The Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive is our new web space for sharing information and ideas to help tackle climate change.

We hope lots of people will visit the Carbon Neutral Cornwall (CNC) Hive to chat about how we can all bee inspired to make a difference. The Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive aims to encourage ‘hive mind’ thinking with:

  • an Ideas Bank
  • an interactive map for listing low carbon initiatives and schemes, and
  • information about funding to help get low carbon and environmental projects underway.

The CNC Hive also has a blog post with articles from guest writers. We hope the articles will help inspire people to find out more about climate change. And then to find out how they can reduce greenhouse gases to reduce their own carbon footprint.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges we have all faced. We have helped each other through Coronavirus to adapt to new ways of living. Now we must adapt further to help our planet endure and survive Climate Change.

The Council is making changes. We are replacing our own vehicles over time with electric and low carbon vehicles. We have already fitted most of our own premises with renewable energy. Covid-19 has meant we have reduced our business and commuter mileage, and printing. And we are accelerating our plans to reduce our carbon footprint. Many other organisations are working to reduce their emissions as well.

We hope the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive will become a place where people can get together to learn from each other and bee inspired.

But we understand that not everyone knows where to start or how to reduce their carbon footprint. We know that some people need support and encouragement. We also know there are people in Cornwall who can help other people. The CNC Hive is all about sharing information and skills to help and inspire each other.

People can chat, on the discussion forum, about what they have been doing differently because of Coronavirus. They can discuss how we can keep our climate friendly ways to help tackle climate change? What can we keep as our 'new normal' way of living?

The discussion will link into the Cornwall we want for future generations discussion. Feedback from both discussions will help to shape a more sustainable and equal future for one and all.

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