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Disabled parking rules

Cornwall Council has changed some of its car parks from 'Pay and Display' to 'Pay of Exit'. All permit holders will still be able to use these car parks. Including those purchased using Just Park and any permits purchased before the car parks change.
Find out more about Pay on Exit car parksOn street parking restrictions are relaxed for blue badge holders.

Rules for parking on the street

If you display your blue badge correctly and your vehicle isn’t causing an obstruction, you can park in or on:

  • Limited parking areas - for an unlimited time
  • Yellow lines - for 3 hours or less
  • Resident parking zones - for 3 hours or less
  • Disabled bays - for an unlimited time unless roadside signs show time limits

Blue badge holders can’t park in:

  • An area where there is a loading restriction
  • An area specifically reserved for other vehicles or purposes. Such as taxi ranks, reserved spaces in car parks, bus stops or loading bays

You can find out more about where blue badge holders can park in the scheme document below.

Blue badge scheme rights and responsibilities Rules for parking in Council car parks

Blue badge holders must pay the normal parking fee unless:


You must display a valid blue badge with the clock showing when you arrived, whether you have to pay for parking or not. 

If you don’t correctly display your badge and clock, you may receive a penalty charge notice.

Blue badge holders paying a parking fee automatically get one extra hour of free parking. For example, if you correctly display a blue badge and pay for 2 hours, you can park for 3 hours.

This additional hour will not apply in our Pay On Exit car parks.

If no disabled spaces are available, you can park in a normal space as long as it’s not marked for other uses, such as reserved parking or loading areas.

How to correctly display your blue badge and clock

Display the blue badge on your dashboard or fascia panel so it can be clearly read through the windscreen.  The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the hologram.

You must display your clock with your badge when you park on yellow lines or in a disabled space with a time limit.  Set the clock to show when you arrived and put it next to your blue badge on the dashboard or fascia panel.

If you don’t correctly display your badge and clock, you may receive a penalty charge notice.

Using a blue badge in a private car park

It’s up to the car park owner to decide whether you can park for free or not.  Check the signs in the car park.

Who can inspect a blue badge?

Police and civil enforcement officers can ask you to show your blue badge.  It’s an offence if you don’t.

Report a blue badge being misused

Ring us on 0300 1234 121 or email Please give us as much information as you can, including the:

  • name
  • serial number and
  • expiry date

on the badge.  We’ll investigate and take appropriate action.

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