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Free disabled parking when your car is registered as disabled tax class

This scheme allows those who have a Blue Badge to park for free in our Pay and Display car parks for a year. To be eligible for the scheme you must have a vehicle registered for Disabled tax. You will also need to provide a copy of:

  • the V5C (vehicle registration) document. Please ensure the copy you send shows the Disabled tax class this can be found on the second page (inside front cover).
  • Or, the Vehicle's Motability registration certificate which must show the new registration number. Please note this is different to the confirmation letter/email from Motability.

Motability customers will not hold the original V5C registration document, however Motability are more than happy to provide the necessary certificate. You can request this via the Motability website.

We cannot accept any other documentation and V5C registration document which have the new address handwritten on will be refused. This scheme is not limited to Cornish residents.

View the terms and conditions to see how the disabled exemption scheme tickets work.

Will I have to pay to register?

To maintain this as a cost-neutral service we need to make a small charge to register a vehicle. This cost is currently £10 per year.

There is a different scheme for registering if you have a Blue Badge and an adapted vehicle for a disabled person.

Do I need to apply or renew in advance?

Yes, you can apply for a new permit up to 30 days in advance but must be at least 5 days before you need the permit to start.

When using our online system permit you will see that you cannot select your ticket to start on a date less than 5 days in advance.

How can I apply/renew my parking exemption?

You can apply for an exemption using the online permit system link below. If you have not used the online permit system before you will need to create an account. Please keep details of your account login and password as you will need it again.

You must have your V5C registration document or Motability registration certificate ready to attach to your application each year when you apply or renew. No other forms of documentation can be accepted.

To renew your annual permit, log in to your account and go to your permit by hovering on your name on the top right of the screen and selecting "Bookings" from the pop up menu. Go to the permit you wish renew and hover on the three vertical dots under "Actions". Select the "Renew" option from the pop up menu. Please see our guidance on using our online permit system to renew your current permit.

Your application needs to be checked and approved. When you apply you will get an email to confirm your application has been received. Please do not park until after you have paid and have another email to confirm you can park.

Online Permits - Register/renew your vehicle online or login to your accountParking Services Data Protection information

If you are unable to apply using the online permit system or don't have anyone who can use the system for you, please contact 0300 1234 222.

Check the details of your registration

You can use the link above any time you need to, to check the details of your permit for the scheme. In your account you can find:

  • the expiry date
  • whether your payment for your application has been successful

When do I make payment and when can I park?

If your application for the scheme is approved you will get a second email (up to 5 days later) to confirm we have approved your permit. In that email there will be a link so that you can make your £10 payment securely online.

You can only park once you have paid for your permit and received a third email confirming your payment and permit details.

It is very important that you only provide the documents as detailed above. If you provide any other documents we will not be able to approve your application. It will also delay the date on which you may be able to start parking.

Do I still need to display my Blue Badge if I have registered?

If you are using your permit to park a vehicle in a Cornwall Council car park you must still display a valid Blue Badge and clock. You must also abide by the other appropriate rules. Failure to do so and you could be subject to receiving a penalty charge notice.

How do I change my vehicle details?

Changes to vehicles registration details are free. You will need to provide a copy of the new V5C registration document or Motability registration certificate. Please read the terms and conditions.

Changes cannot be completed via the online permit system. To request a change please email attaching your new document. Or call 0300 1234 222 for advice or to send a message to the Permit Team. Changes to our system can take up to 5 days to process so they need to be advised in advance.

Do I have to apply/renew each year?

You can apply via the online permit system each year using the link above. You will be able to request an SMS text message and/or email reminder.

We must have confirmation that you are eligible for the exemption each year so you will need to provide a V5C registration document or Motability registration certificate again.

How does the exemption scheme work?

You will not receive a permit to display in your vehicle as we use an electronic system. Once approved, the vehicle details will be automatically loaded onto the Enforcement Officers hand-held devices. When checking our car parks they will be able to see that the vehicle is registered and does not require a pay and display ticket.

Adapted vehicles

There is a different free parking exemption scheme for the disabled if you have an adapted vehicle. You will need to register with us for an adapted parking permit if you are wanting to park in our Pay and Display or Pay on Exit (barrier) car parks. Information about the permit can be found on our page How to apply if you have a vehicle adapted for a disabled person

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