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Data Protection

We follow the Data Protection Act to make sure we handle your personal information in a fair way.  You can ask us:

  • for a copy of the information we hold about you
  • to correct or destroy information about you

You can read about data protection laws on the Information Commissioner's Office website.

You can also find more about how we handle your information in the Data Protection Policy.

Information the Council holds about you

The Council must provide you with access to the information they hold about you. We usually only give personal information to the person who the information is about. To do this we must verify your identity.

You can request information about someone else in the following circumstances:

  • if you have parental responsibility, you can ask for information about a child under 13. There may be reasons that we can't give it to you though.
  • a solicitor can request information on behalf of a client. Their client needs to provide written consent for this.
  • if you have explicit written consent from the person who the information is about.
  • if you are registered as having Lasting Power of Attorney. Or you have been made a Deputy by the Court of Protection for the person the information is about

You will receive:

  • copies of information you are allowed to.
  • a description of the information disclosed to you.
  • a description of how and why your information is being processed and who has access to it.  As well as an explanation of any complicated language in the documents you have received.

You cannot request pre-adoption records through this process. 

Data we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete 

If you think the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, please tell us why. Please also provide evidence to support this. 

Delete or stop processing your data

You can ask us to delete or stop processing your data. We can only do this if we do not have a statutory authority (legal basis) for processing your data.  An example is that we cannot stop processing your information for things such as Council Tax.

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