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Request to access, correct or delete information we hold about you

SAR (Right of Access) and how it can help you

The ICO webpage is very informative and can provide you with more detail on what to expect from a SAR.

You can use the form on this page for all requests to access information we hold about you, including: 

  • footage from our CCTV cameras on the highway and from town centres
  • data from our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras

We only keep CCTV footage for 28 days.  Town councils own the CCTV camera systems in towns in Cornwall. Cornwall Council only monitors some CCTV camera systems.  If the town you are contacting us about is not on the Town Centre CCTV page we will not be able to provide the information as we will not have access to it. If this is the case, we will tell you which council to contact. Please see our Town and Parish Councils page for their contact details.

Submit a request

Please complete the form below so that we receive all the information we need to start your request. 

Submit a request to access, correct or delete personal information

Send your form and supporting documentation to us at the address below:

      Data Protection
      Corporate and Information Governance Team
      4th Floor North
      Cornwall Council
      County Hall
      TR1 3AY

What happens next

We will: 

  • check the documentation and whether your request is valid
  • contact you if we need any further information or evidence
  • return any original documents by first class signed for delivery
  • start your request and complete it within 30 calendar days

Unhappy with the information we have provided

If you are unhappy with the information we provide to you, or how we have handled your request, you can ask us to review it. Please contact us within 3 months of the date we responded to your request. We will then carry out a review and provide you with a response within 20 working days.

Unhappy with how we have handled your request

If you are unhappy with how we have handled your request or the outcome of a review, you can request an assessment. To do so, please contact the Information Commissioner's Office.

Need help?

Most issues can be resolved online, it's the quickest and most convenient way to get help.

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