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Household waste and recycling centre vehicle permit terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for use of Household Waste Recycling Centre (“HWRC”) Vehicle Permit (the “Permit”)

The Permit entitles the applicant(s) (“you”) to dispose of your Household Waste up to twelve times in twelve months at a HWRC subject to the following terms. Twelve months commences from the date the Permit is issued. 

  1. You may only use the Permit to dispose of Household Waste. Household Waste is waste from domestic households. You must not have received payment for the collection or disposal of that waste. 
  2. Household Waste does not include commercial or industrial waste. It is illegal to dispose of commercial or industrial waste at any HWRC. Failure to comply with the law is a criminal offence which may lead to prosecution and a criminal record. The site operator, SUEZ UK Limited (“Suez”), will not accept any commercial or industrial waste.
  3. A household may hold only one Permit at a time in respect of one vehicle.
  4. The Permit allows twelve visits per household in a twelve month period from the date it was issued. On expiry of the twelve month period or, if later, the completion of twelve visits, a new Permit must be obtained.
  5. You must present the Permit to staff on every visit for checking and marking. You must comply with on site instructions and conditions of use when visiting a HWRC. These may be given to you by Cornwall Council or Suez operatives at the time of your visit.
  6. More than one person in a household may use the Permit. Where more than one householder uses the permit you confirm that they have read these terms and agree to identify the person who used the permit on a date if requested. 
  7. Leaving waste outside the gates of any HWRC is considered fly tipping. Cornwall Council reserves the right to investigate and start legal proceedings.
  8. You may be asked to complete a trade waste disclaimer. This is to confirm that the waste is Household Waste and is not being disposed of for profit.
  9. If any of the details you have supplied on the application form change you must inform Cornwall Council. Email or write to Waste Management Service, Cornwall Council, New County Hall, Treyew Road, Truro, TR1 3AY. It is not acceptable to amend the Permit yourself. Defacing or amending the permit will invalidate it.
  10. Cornwall Council will not tolerate violence, aggression or threatening behaviour at HWRCs. We will record and investigate any incidents. 
  11. Cornwall Council or Suez may record details relating to your visit including the type of waste you are disposing of. These details may be used for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime and taking enforcement action.
  12. Cornwall Council and Suez will track visits and will investigate any suspected breach of these terms and conditions. Details may be passed on to the relevant enforcement officers and/or third parties in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  13. Cornwall Council reserves the right to cancel your Permit or amend the operation of the HWRC Vehicle Permit scheme at any time.

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