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Apply for, renew or replace a lost recycling centre vehicle permit

If your application is approved, your permit will be issued within 21 calendar days of receipt and posted 2nd Class. Please allow a few days extra for it to arrive.

Before you apply

Before you apply for a household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) vehicle permit please note:

  • Your existing permit remains valid until all 12 visits have been used.
  • If you have used all 12 visits and held a permit before, for a different vehicle, and you still have your previous permit number, please select the option to change vehicle/address.
  • If you have held a permit before but have lost the permit, please select the lost permit option. You do not need the permit number to complete this form.
  • Incorrect vehicle registration numbers will result in an invalid permit and you will be refused access to the HWRC. Please ensure you provide the correct registration number.
  • You may only use the permit to dispose of household waste from your domestic household. You must not have received payment for the collection or disposal of that waste. 
  • Businesses must pay for the collection and disposal of commercial waste. This includes any waste from holiday lets/accommodation. You cannot use a permit to take this waste to a HWRC.

See which vehicles are allowed at the HWRC and whether your vehicle needs a permit.

Do I need a permit

Read the terms and conditions of our Vehicle Permit system

Apply online

To apply for a HWRC vehicle permit please complete the form below.

Apply for a Household Waste and Recycling Centre Permit

Changing vehicles or moving house

  • If you change vehicles, please complete the relevant option on the form. 
    As long as your new vehicle is not over the size limit, we will issue a replacement permit for the remainder of its 12 months' validity, based on ANPR data.
  • If you move house, please complete the relevant option on the form. 
    We will then update the details stored against your permit. 

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