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Commercial Waste Service in Cornwall

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commercial waste bins and sacks with recycling equipment on a street

We offer a reliable, convenient and value for money commercial waste collection service to holiday lets, B and Bs and other small to medium-sized businesses in Cornwall.

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Customer benefits

  • VAT-Free 
  • Discounted rates on council tax-rated properties
  • Reliable service
  • Flexible contract
  • Quick and easy online quotes
  • Green and sustainable
  • Choice of bin types and sizes
  • Our customer promise to you

Reliable service

  • Weekly rubbish collections
  • Fortnightly recycling collections

Our experienced crews collect your commercial waste at the same time they collect household recycling and rubbish from your street and use the same vehicles.

This helps to make our commercial waste service trusted, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly, and it allows us to offer you a discount if your business is run from a council tax-rated property.

Easy instructions for your employees or guests

We’ll give you a Welcome Pack that includes easy instructions for your employees or guests  telling them how to sort their rubbish and recycling and use the service.

Confidence your commercial waste is managed legally and sustainably

Choosing Cornwall Council’s Commercial Waste Service gives you and your employees or guests the assurance that your business is managing its waste legally,  responsibly and sustainably.

Find out more on our ‘Advice for businesses on managing their commercial waste and the law' webpage.

Our Welcome Pack can be displayed at your business premises or holiday property. It explains to your employees or guests how - by choosing Cornwall Council’s Commercial Waste Service - your business is making a clear and measurable contribution to the creation of a thriving, sustainable Cornwall with a great environment for all.

How much will it cost?

We won’t charge you VAT on your service.

The amount you pay will depend on the size and quantity of containers you choose and whether you pay council tax on the property.

Discount for council tax rated properties

If you’re already paying council tax you’ll get discounted rates on our commercial waste collection service.  This is because we recognise that you’ve already contributed an amount to the cost of managing your waste.

Please note, when you get a quote from us you won’t be able to choose your collection day. This is because we collect commercial waste when we collect the household waste from the rest of the street, which helps to reduce Cornwall’s carbon footprint.

The small print

Please make sure you read our full Terms and Conditions of the service. 

Step 1: Choose a contract option

Depending on the needs of your business, our 12-month contracts offer you the choice of:

  1. Annual contract
    • We’ll collect your commercial waste all year round.
    • You can use our quick and simple online process to get a quote.
    • Your quote will be valid for 30 days.
  1. Seasonal customers
    • Our flexible seasonal contract allows you to tell us when you want your collections to stop and restart again.
    • Once you pause your service, you won’t be charged for collections again until the date you tell us to restart them.
    • You’ll need to give us one month's notice and sign up for a minimum of one month’s service when you restart your collections.
    • Stopping and restarting your collections is easy. You email our Commercial Waste Team on with:
      1. The property address
      2. Your customer account number supplied to you by our contractor Biffa
      3. The date you’d like your collections to stop and restart, for example ‘Please stop my collections from 31 December 2023 and restart them on 1 April 2024
  • We’ll pass this information to Biffa to action including the necessary adjustments to your contract and invoicing.

We won’t collect your commercial rubbish and recycling outside your contract dates.

Step 2: Choose your bin type and size

A blue commercial wheelie bin, black protective sack and blue single use sack for commercial rubbish outside a holiday let property in a residential Cornwall streetFor your commercial rubbish, we offer you a choice of containers that come in a range of sizes to suit the needs of your business.

Choose from:
  • A wheelie bin in 240 litres, 660 litres or 1100 litres size or
  • Single use bags: in 90 litres size only


A cartoon illustration of a set of coloured recycling bags and boxFor your commercial recycling, we give you a set of coloured bags and a black box with tags that tell our collection crew you’re a Council Commercial Waste Service customer.

We’re committed to helping to create a thriving, sustainable Cornwall and a great environment for all and so we provide recycling collections as a fixed part of our commercial waste service. That means their cost is included in your contract and the price of your commercial waste collection stays the same, even if you don’t use the recycling service.

Please note, we won’t be able to collect commercial waste presented in your own bins as our crews won’t be able to verify that you’re a commercial customer who’s paid for their service.

Step 3: Get a quote

Get a commercial waste collection quote

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