Article 4s

What is an Article 4?

An Article 4 Direction is a special planning regulation that gives extra planning control in a chosen area (i.e. Conservation Area).

A Local Planning Authority (LPA) may have removed your permitted development rights.  By issuing an 'Article 4' direction. 

It will remove permitted development rights for:-

  • extensions
  • porches
  • replacement of windows and/or doors
  • painting the exterior of a building
  • gates, fences and walls
  • hardstandings
  • alterations such as new or replacement roofs
  • temporary building and structures
  • houses of multiple occupancy (HMO)
  • uses of the land

This means that you have to submit a planning application for any work.  Even though they wouldn't normally need planning consent.  And pay the relevant planning fee. 

The paperwork on an Article 4 will show what rights have been removed.

For further details on charges, please see our  Planning fees.

Article 4 Interactive Map

Under search, put in the details of the property (name, address or postcode) and click ok. This initial search may bring up a few addresses. Please choose the correct address and the map will take you to the correct area.

Article 4s will have a burgundy hatching over the affected area. If you click on the hatching a box will appear with more details including a link to the PDF version of the Article 4. There may be some instances where Article 4 areas overlap. On these occasions the box will state (1 of 2). To view details of the second Article 4 click on the arrow and it will take you to the next record.

We update the system on a regular basis.  But new directions may not be available straight away.  So please be aware that a new Article 4 could now be in force.  But not visible on our system.

We also inform anyone using the above system, to take a dated screen shot as evidence of their check.


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