Things for a sponsor to consider

Introduce yourselves

Give contact details including photographs

Information about your home

  • Information about the living space, yours and theirs.
  • Information relating to the property (e.g. turning on heating, how to secure the property, days the rubbish or recycling is collected, who to contact in an emergency relating to the property).
  • House rules - if space is being shared.  Refugees at Home has published some useful guidance at Looking after host guest

Homes for Ukraine Sponsor Toolkit

Introduction to your local area and City/County

  • A map of the local area, with key places such as school, GP etc marked on
  • Bus/train timetables for your local area
  • Useful contacts e.g. GP, Jobcentre, Citizens Advice Bureau
  • UK money - which coins and notes are which
  • NSPCC positive parenting guide 
  • NSPCC home or out alone guide - this is to  help families plan about how much freedom their children can have

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