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Struggling to pay your rent or mortgage

If you are worried about being homeless because of arrears, we can advise you.


One of the main reasons for facing homelessness is non-payment of rent.

Rent arrears and council tax arrears are both priority debts.

  • if you don't pay your rent you could become homeless.
  • If you don't pay your council tax you could go to prison.

You should pay 'priority debts' before paying 'non-priority' debts.

You can also get help from the following:

Increasing income

If you are struggling to get work due to mental health issues then Pentreath can help. 

You may be able to increase your benefits.  Check what benefits you could get. 

Rent is too high

Housing Benefit could pay a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) may if you need help to pay your rent.

A DHP is more likely to be awarded if you are working towards;

  • maximising your income
  • reducing your debts
  • searching for more affordable accommodation.

Do you rent from a social housing provider?

Most social housing providers have an in-house support officer to help you if you are struggling to pay your rent.

You may be able to find a mutual exchange for a cheaper property. Try the Homeswapper website

Check if you could get a lodger. Read more about getting a lodger and how to check if it would make you better off.


National Debtline have made a factsheet for people struggling to pay their mortgage.

You may be able to get support for mortgage interest. This is a loan from the Department for Work and Pensions if you are entitled to certain benefits.

The loan will help with interest payments, but it won’t reduce the capital you owe. 

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