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Homechoice Housing Register

About Homechoice

Homechoice is the choice-based system for letting council and housing association homes to rent in Cornwall.

Partner landlords advertise their vacant properties with us on the Homechoice website.

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Applicants in the most urgent need for housing have the best chance of bidding successfully. There are over 20,000 households on the housing register. 

Existing council or housing association tenants can also consider the option of a mutual exchange: contact your landlord or use Homeswapper

To join the register, you must meet certain criteria. In most circumstances you will not be able to join if:

  • you have a household income (after tax) of £60,000 or more
  • you have assets worth more than £50,000

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Policy Information

Properties are allocated in line with the Homechoice Common Assessment Framework and Cornwall Council Allocations Policy. 

Easy guide

  • You will usually need to meet certain criteria (such as local connection) to be able to bid on properties
  • You can bid on one property per week and it can be located anywhere in Cornwall  
  • If you do not bid on a suitable property within 12 months you may be removed from the Homechoice register
  • If you refuse two suitable properties you may be removed from the Homechoice register

Temporary amendment to the Homechoice policy from 17th May 2022

A public consultation on a temporary change to the Homechoice policy was undertaken. This consultation ended on 25th April 2022.

A report went to the Leader of Cornwall Council on 17th May 2022 and they agreed to make this change.

Applicants previously banded as C for statutory homelessness will now be a B.

This will also apply to applicants owed a statutory homelessness duty going forward.

It is anticipated this will be adopted as a permanent policy change in the revised Homechoice policy due for publication in early 2025.

Council allocation scheme

Partner Landlords

The partner landlords who advertise their vacancies on Homechoice are:

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