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Council allocation scheme

Our allocations policy sets out who qualifies for an offer of accommodation. This applies to accommodation that we own and other affordable and social homes to which we have nominations rights.

Homes are currently allocated in our current Homechoice Scheme.

What is the Council Allocation Scheme?

We have an Allocations Scheme to explain how social housing owned by the Council will be prioritised and let.

Cornwall Allocations Scheme includes:

Cornwall Homechoice is a common housing register. Customers can apply for affordable homes owned and managed by the Council and its partner landlords.

It includes a common assessment framework. All partner landlords agree with the prioritisation of households on the Common Housing Register. Partner landlords are also called registered providers. 

Each Registered Provider also has their own allocation policy. These describe who qualifies for an offer of accommodation on property they own, where the Council do not have a nomination right.

Cornwall Homechoice Scheme and allocations policy documents

You can download the current Cornwall Homechoice Scheme and appendices. Please note that Appendix 1 and 4 have been archived.

A review of the Allocations Scheme has been undertaken and a new Policy approach approved at Cabinet/Individual Decision. As a new IT system is required to implement many of the changes, the implementation of the new policy approach will be phased as some changes can be brought forwards using the current IT system. We will use this page to identify when changes will come into effect.

Element Description Implementation Date
Annual Lettings Plan  Review of previous year’s lettings, challenges facing and priorities for 2024-25 April 2024
Banding Band A awarded to young applicants about to leave care and become homeless May 2024


You can ask us questions about Homechoice by using our enquiry form or email: 

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