Housing Strategy

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Housing Strategy for Cornwall

Our housing strategy for Cornwall (2014-2019) set out our vision and plans for housing in our county for the last five years. We are currently reviewing this plan for 2020-2025.

It is a priority to make sure that everyone in Cornwall has somewhere safe, warm and affordable to live, and we are committed to achieving this.

Our vision and priorities

Our vision for Cornwall is to provide homes where people can thrive. We are realistic about the challenges that we face in trying to achieve this and that we won’t be able to solve all our housing problems overnight.

The strategy identifies five key housing priorities and the associated outcomes for each one. Working towards these priorities will help us achieve our vision.

Create more balanced communities and increasing housing supply

  • There will be more homes built where they are needed
  • 130 empty properties will be brought back into use each year
  • There will be a choice of homes and tenures which meet a range of housing needs
  • There will be consistent and robust evidence to tell us where new homes are needed
  • There will be agreement between stakeholders on housing need and site identification

Helping people find and keep homes

  • There will be tailored advice and guidance for people on the housing options available to them
  • There will be better security of tenure in the private rented sector
  • There will support and guidance for vulnerable people to find and keep a home
  • There will be a more straightforward and transparent system to access affordable homes of all types
  • There will be a better understanding of the types of properties available and the demand for them
  • There will be fewer instances where people refuse a home that is offered to them
  • There will be less homelessness and rough sleeping

A safe good quality home

  • There will be an increase in the number of homes in good condition in the private sector
  • There will be fewer empty properties
  • There will be appropriate quality standards for all tenures
  • There sill be improved thermal efficiency across all tenures

A home which is appropriate for people 

  • There will be better use of our existing housing stock
  • There will be more adapted properties let to people who need them
  • There will be increased mobility between homes and tenures
  • There will be more homes suitable for each stage of life
  • There will be the right mix of house sizes and types to meet Cornwall’s needs

A home people can afford to live in

  • More people will be able to live in the area in which they want to live
  • There will more low cost housing relative to income and need
  • People will have access to the right information to enable them to make an informed choice.
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