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Who can foster?

We are looking for foster carers who can offer safe, protective care for children. We are looking for people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Can I foster?...


Yes. You can foster as a single carer or as a couple in a partnership or marriage. If you are a couple you will both need to go through the fostering process and become joint carers.

Yes. if you are single or a couple.

Yes. You must be over the age of 21. We consider the age difference between you and a child, to ensure the best for the child, but there is no legal upper age limit.

Yes. We will consider your own children’s needs as part of the fostering assessment process.

Yes. Many disabled people have fostered. Some disabled foster carers feel that their life experiences as a disabled person have given them some great strengths as a carer. Many also feel it equips them well to foster a child with a disability. Your social worker will discuss your disability with you. They will talk about the impact, if any, it has on your lifestyle and what the implications may be on a child.

Yes. We welcome foster carers from all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

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