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Who can foster?

The Fostering Service is looking for foster carers who can offer safe, protective care for children. We are looking for people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Can I foster…

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If I am not married?

Yes. You can foster as a single carer or as a couple in a partnership or marriage. If you are a couple you will both need to go through the fostering process and become joint carers.

If I am lesbian or gay?

Yes. Whether single or as a couple.

If I am over 40?

Yes. You must be over the age of 21. We do consider the age difference between you and a child, to ensure the best for the child, but there is no legal upper age limit.

If I already have birth children?

Yes. We will consider your own children’s needs as part of the fostering assessment process.

If I have a disability?

Yes. Many disabled people have fostered.  Some disabled foster carers feel that their life experiences as a disabled person have given them some great strengths as a carer. Many also feel it equips them well to foster a child with a disability. Your social worker will discuss your disability with you. They will talk about the impact – if any – it has on your lifestyle and what the implications may be on a child.

If I am of a particular faith or culture?

Yes. We welcome foster carers from all faiths and cultural backgrounds.