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Image of foster carer and child in a kitchen baking

  • being a taxi service
  • muddy footprints through the house
  • dirty plates hidden in a bedroom
  • toys everywhere
  • ouch that was Lego under a bare foot
  • weekends stood in the cold and wet at the side of a pitch

Fostering isn’t always pretty, but it is pretty amazing!

At any one time there are 30 children and young people in Cornwall who need a place to call home. You could be: 

  • single
  • live in a flat
  • rent where you live
  • be LGBTQ+

because all you need to be a fosterer, is to be able to provide a place of comfort and stability to help a child realise their potential.

We are particularly looking for:

  • people who can care for older children
  • people who could offer siblings a home, they really need to be together during a difficult time
  • mother and child placements
  • those who can offer short break respite care for disabled children
  • those who can provide a long-term home for a child as a permanent foster carer

Martyna tells us what a difference it made to finally have a stable place to settle down and how it helped her to finish school.



If you could offer a child, teenager or siblings a home, we’d love to hear from you.

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