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How do I foster?

  1. Contact us via the online form or phone us. We’ll then send you a Fostering in Cornwall booklet along with details about how to attend an information meeting or have an information call.
  2. After gaining more information, if you are still interested, simply complete the Registration of Interest form that you will have been given.
  3. Once we receive the form from you, a dedicated Fostering Recruitment Officer will come and do an initial visit with you in your home. This is to find out a bit more about you, your background, lifestyle and motivation to foster.
  4. If both you and the Fostering Agency are happy to proceed, you’ll start Stage One. This is where we do statutory checks and references. There is training and learning for you to undertake. Your Fostering Recruitment Officer will guide you through Stage One.
  5. At the end of stage One, if both you and the Agency are happy to proceed, you enter Stage Two.
  6. Stage Two involves a social worker spending some time with you. They will get to know you and what you can offer a child or children and what sort of fostering might suit you. Children in care are vulnerable and many have had unstable homes in the past so we need to get to know you really well. There will be about 10-12 weekly home visits.
  7. At the end of Stage Two, a report will be taken to the Fostering Panel for approval.
  8. Once approved we will immediately start to consider matching you with a child or children who need a fostering placement.

How long does it take?

Stage One

2 months

Stage Two

4 months

A total of 6 months from the point at which you enter Stage One.

Sometimes, we can run Stage One and Stage Two concurrently. This depends on individual circumstances. In this instances, the entire process takes between 4 and 6 months.

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