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Paying for adult social care

Your needs assessment will identify what care and support services you need. This is sometimes known as a community care assessment.

Unlike health care, adult social care services are not free. We will work out a personal budget for the support you need. 

If you have less than £23,250 in capital, you may be eligible for some help with the cost of your care. The amount you pay will depend on your:

  • capital
  • assets
  • income
  • savings, and
  • benefits

You may have to pay for all of the costs, or you may be able to apply for financial help. 

How to check if are eligible for financial help

You can use our online eligibility checker to find out if you may be able to receive financial help.

Check if you are eligible for financial assistance

You can find out more in:  

Where we arrange services, the total cost of the care is usually within a set price range. These costs are set out in our fees and charges. 

View our fees and charges

Applying for financial assistance

Once you have checked if you are eligible for financial help, there is a financial assessment process to determine how much you will have to pay.

Apply for a financial assessment

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