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Gardens of remembrance

Following the cremation, cremated remains may be returned to the earth in the Gardens of Remembrance. The Gardens offer areas of both formal arrangement and unspoilt natural beauty. They combine to give an atmosphere of peace and life, rather than death. They are a source of comfort to those whose loved ones rest in the Gardens.

Those seeking the solace of quiet contemplation and those who appreciate the beauty of well maintained gardens, are very welcome to visit. The Gardens are open throughout the year. Our Crematorium staff will be pleased to assist visitors with any enquiries they may have.

Many of the walks and borders in the formal part of the Gardens are edged with kerbstones. Each kerbstone has space to accommodate two plaques and these are available on a ten year or twenty year tenure.

Rose bushes, shrubs and seats are also offered as memorials subject to availability. Requests for specialised individual memorials may be considered.

Cremated remains may, of course, be rested in the Gardens of Remembrance with or without a memorial

The Formal Gardens

The Formal Gardens include extensive rose beds containing over 6,000 bushes. The gardens are surround by woodland walks and shrubberies displaying a wide variety of shrubs and plants. Trees, garden seats and bird baths add to the attractiveness of the area.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum was opened and dedicated by the Bishop of Truro in June 1994. It is an extension to the formal part of the Gardens. This area is bounded by rolling countryside and woods and features specimen trees and island shrubbery beds.

The Quiet Acres

The Quiet Acres is an area of natural woodland in a valley on the southern edge of the Gardens of Remembrance. Many wild flowers that flourish there. A carpet of bluebells cover the area in Spring.

Many forms of wildlife make their home here. The Quiet Acres is particularly attractive to those who prefer an area of undisturbed natural beauty as a resting place for the cremated remains of a loved one.

The Baby Garden

The Baby Garden is an area which was formally set aside as a Baby Memorial Garden. The Baby Garden was opened in April 1995 by the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall and dedicated by the Bishop of St. Germans.

This garden is especially designated for the resting of very young children and babies. The presence of animal pottery figures and dolls, together with many spring bulbs and flowers, is in keeping with its unique purpose.

Map of the Gardens of Remembrance

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The gardens at Penmount

Rose Garden
Rosebush And Memorial Plaque
Bird Feeder
Summerhouse In The Garden

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