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The dedication of a memorial in remembering a loved one is a matter of personal choice. There is a wide range of memorials available at the Crematorium for those who wish to commemorate a loved one in this way.

View our full range of memorial optionsBelow is a selection of memorial options available. Please contact the Administration Office on 01872 272871 for further information.

Book of Remembrance

This is a relatively inexpensive and perpetual form of memorial which allows the name of the deceased and a suitable epitaph to be recorded. A page is turned each day of the year, thereby being open for viewing on each anniversary of the date of death. Provided the book is not with the calligrapher for updating, pages can be turned for viewing at other times by request.

View the book of remembrance onlineThe Columbarium

An alternative method of bestowal of cremated remains, is by placing them in a casket in a niche in the Columbarium.

There are of two types of niche available. Open and sealed. Both options carry tenure of either ten year or twenty year with renewal options available after that period.

The open niche, the casket is in view and an inscription to serve as a memorial is engraved upon its face. The caskets are made of Cornish granite, slate, or marble.

For the sealed niche, a casket of wood is placed in the niche and is covered by a stone tablet upon which the memorial inscription is cut.

The Memorial Vault

The Memorial Vault is similar to the Columbarium. The remains are rested in a niche. The Memorial Vault is outside, in front of the Floral Tribute bay for Kernow Chapel.

The Memorial Vault is an attractive rectangular brickwork construction surrounding fifty stone vaults. Each stone vault has an integral vase for floral tributes. The raised central bed is filled with a variety of scented plants and herbs.

The Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall is in the same area as the Memorial Vault.  It provides an alternative for those who wish to commemorate a loved one with a plaque, but prefer not to dedicate a shrub or kerbstone. Tablets of slate are engraved with the chosen inscription by a Monumental Mason and fixed in the desired position. Tablets are available on ten year tenure.

Cremated Remains Memorial Vaults

The Cremated Remains Memorial Vault is an attractive above ground vault. Each vault can hold two wooden caskets or other suitable container of cremated remains (maximum size 12” x 8” x 6”). The Cremated Remains Memorial Vault has a polished black granite fascia tablet. The tablet is large enough for a full gilded inscription and an emblem or photo plaque if desired. 

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