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Prices for Celebratory Ceremonies

Fees from 1 April 2024

Celebratory ceremonies have no legal status. They can therefore be held at any location. You may wish to consider having a legal statutory marriage or civil partnership appointment in the office followed by a celebratory ceremony at a location of your choosing. Alternatively you may wish to have a renewal of vows, or naming ceremony at your chosen location.

There is normally one fee payable to the Registration Service if you wish to have a:

  • Celebratory ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Naming ceremony
  • Same-Sex Civil Partnership conversion to Marriage

Other optional extras are at an additional charge

  1. Ceremony fee - There are other optional fees, below, depending on your requirements
  2. Commemorative certificate fee to mark the occasion (optional)
  3. Risk assessment fee if you choose to have your ceremony at a non-licenced location (optional)
  4. Hourly charge - miscellaneous fees for any requests not covered by the other fees (optional)

1. Ceremony Fee: Celebratory, Renewal of Marriage Vows, Naming, Same-Sex Civil Partnership Conversion into Marriage

(Fee includes £67 non-refundable deposit that is taken at the time of booking)

Held in a licensed venue - for example a hotel, stately home, castle 2024/25          (includes VAT)  2025/26          (includes VAT) 2026/27          (includes VAT)
Weekday £697.00 £742.00 £773.00
Saturday £697.00 £742.00 £773.00
Sunday £787.00 £838.00 £873.00
Bank Holiday £1056.00 £1125.00 £1172.00


Held in a Registration Office Ceremony Room 2024/25          (includes VAT) 2025/26          (includes VAT) 2026/27          (includes VAT)
Weekday £592.00 £630.00 £656.00
Saturday £592.00 £630.00 £656.00
Sunday £661.00 £704.00 £734.00
Bank Holiday £868.00 £925.00 £964.00


Any other location* 2024/25          (includes VAT) 2025/26          (includes VAT) 2026/27          (includes VAT)
Weekday £697.00 £742.00 £773.00
Saturday £697.00 £742.00 £773.00
Sunday £787.00 £838.00 £873.00
Bank Holiday £1056.00 £1125.00 £1172.00

*Additional risk assessment fee may be required

Find out more about our celebratory ceremony packages.

Optional fees


2. Commemorative Certificate

Commemorative certificate (no legal status) 2024/25          (includes VAT) 2025/26          (includes VAT) 2026/27          (includes VAT)
Commemorative certificate £17.60 £17.60 £17.60


3. Risk Assessment Fee

Risk Assessment Fee

2024/25          (includes VAT) 2025/26          (includes VAT) 2026/27          (includes VAT)
For non-licenced locations in Cornwall £55.00 per hour £55.00 per hour £55.00 per hour


4. Hourly Rate - miscellaneous fee

Hourly rate for other activities 2024/25          (includes VAT) 2025/26          (includes VAT) 2026/27          (includes VAT)
Between 8am and 9pm £55.00 £55.00 £55.00
Between 9pm and 8am £82.50 £82.50 £82.50

Pay for your ceremony

It’s really quick and easy to pay for your ceremony online. 

Use the link below to make a full or partial payment towards your ceremony balance. 

Please have the confirmation letter from your ceremony pack ready as you will need to enter some of the information from the letter during payment.

Make a payment

If you prefer to make a payment over the phone, please call us on 0300 1234 181 (option 3).

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