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Personalise your wedding

Newly wed couple celebrating with friends outdoors Newly wed couple celebrating with friends outdoors

If you book a distinctive ceremony in one of our licenced venues or a Registration Office, your ceremony can be bespoke and tailored to you.

There are many ways you can personalise your ceremony: you can write your own additional vows, choose your own music and readings, and add personal, special or symbolic elements. You can include family, friends and even pets to create a ceremony that is a joyful reflection of the two of you.

Your celebrant registrar will work with you to transform your wedding ceremony aspirations into reality, so together we can create a ceremony that is uniquely yours.

Personal vows

As well as saying the legal words, you can make promises to each other that are meaningful and reflect you as a couple. Your Celebrant Registrar can help you to create these, or you can choose to write your own words to express your love and dedication to each other.


Readings are a wonderful way to personalise your ceremony. You can choose anything non-religious from a poem, an extract from a book or song lyrics to a personalised reading written for you both. You can choose up to 3 readings which your Celebrant Registrar will be happy to read for you or you can choose family or friends to do the honours.


Whether you are creating a playlist, having a live musician, band or orchestra, music is a great way to bring your personalities to your ceremony. It is your choice, but we recommend music playing when your guests assemble, when you make your entrance, whilst you are signing the schedule, and when you exit the ceremony. You can also include music during your ceremony in place of a reading.

Tying the knot

The tying of the fisherman’s knot is a beautiful tradition that can be in woven into your ceremony. Otherwise known as the lover’s knot, the fisherman’s knot is one of the strongest knots there is. The knot becomes stronger under pressure which signifies the enduring love and commitment you have for each other.

There are many ways you can include this in your ceremony. You can use a single rope or cord, two separate pieces, or a single piece that has been woven from different colours. As you pull on the ends of the rope, the knot tightens and will not come undone. This represents the strength of your bond as a couple.

Sand Blending

Sand blending involves the pouring of different coloured sands into one vessel, which represents the joining of individuals into one inseparable unit. Children can also be included symbolising joining together as a family.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to include sand blending in your ceremony and the colours of sand you choose can be personal to you both.

One option could be that you both take it in turns to pour sand from your own individual vase into a central vase creating a layering effect. Together you then pour the remaining sand into the central vase so that the two colours combine and cannot be separated. This symbolises your unity in marriage.

After the ceremony you will then have a beautiful symbol of your love that you can display and keep forever.

Ring Warming

A ring warming ceremony can be a lovely way for your family and friends to participate in your wedding. The wedding rings are passed to your guests and held for a few seconds so they can ‘warm’ the rings with positivity and good wishes for your life together.

Your wedding rings become a symbol not only of your commitment to each other, but of the love and support you have around you.

These are some of the many ways you can personalise your ceremony.

We are open to requests and will work with you to create a ceremony that celebrates your individuality whilst also being legal and official.

Your Celebrant Registrar will discuss how you would like to personalise your ceremony when they contact you around four weeks before your wedding.

If you would like any further information before then, please contact our helpful and experienced Booking Team.

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