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Apply for housing benefit

Due to essential maintenance Council tax and benefit forms will be unavailable from 09:00 - 16:00 on Sat 20th April.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Before applying for Housing Benefit you must first make sure that you are eligible to make a claim.  You can find out whether you can claim Housing Benefit on the can I claim Housing Benefit page.

Can I claim Housing Benefit

Apply online

Once you have checked if you are entitled to claim Housing Benefit you can make a claim online using the link below. 

You can claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support on the same claim form.

Make a housing benefit claim online

If you experience any problems using our online claim form, you can call 0300 1234 121 where an advisor will be able to help you.

What happens next

When you make your claim online, we'll send you a summary of the details we'll use to work out your benefit. You need to check the information and tell us if anything is missing or wrong. You also need to supply your supporting documents.

Supply your supporting documents

Can I view my claim details online?

Once your claim has been assessed, you can check your claim details online. This includes viewing:

  • housing benefit payments
  • details about your next payment
  • any letters telling you about your benefit, and
  • how we’ve worked your benefit out

You can also sign up to have your notifications sent to you by e-mail.  If you are not already signed up for this you can register for an online account.

View your claim details online

Need help?

Most issues can be resolved online, it's the quickest and most convenient way to get help.

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