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New food waste, recycling and rubbish service

Recycling, rubbish and food waste collection Recycling, rubbish and food waste collection

We're rolling out new weekly food waste and fortnightly rubbish collections across Cornwall from 2023 to 2025 to help us waste less and recycle more.

The current fortnightly recycling service will stay the same with people sorting their recycling at home into the different coloured bags and black box. 

The new service will give every household a way to contribute to the priority of creating a thriving and sustainable Cornwall.

We'll give every household new bins suitable for their property to help reduce street litter and Keep Cornwall Clean. 

If your ‘Get Ready for Your New Collections’ leaflet and new bins haven't been delivered to yet, you're still on the current weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling service. Details of the new service may vary for homes with shared bins.

Recycling A-Z

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Recycling A-Z

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