Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles (EV) and the climate emergency 

Cornwall Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. To tackle it, Cornwall needs to be carbon neutral by 2030. Road traffic generates 875,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. This is 93% of Cornish transport emissions. Transitioning to electric vehicles is part of the solution to reduce our emissions.

For more information on how we are making transport more sustainable follow the links below:

Planning your journey with your electric vehicle in Cornwall

A detailed map of public and private charging points is available at ZapMap.co.uk

Our public charging points are available via the GeniePoint application:

GeniePoint is responsible for maintaining charge points in good working order. All complaints regarding faults with GeniePoint charge points should be directed to GeniePoint Customer Services directly.

Support to buy and charge electric vehicles

The following links can provide further information on: 

Please note that Cornwall Council does not allow for trailing cables and charging on the highway for private purposes

How Cornwall Council is supporting the transition to electric vehicles

We are developing an Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy. This will identify:

  • needs of residents, businesses and visitors for charge points
  • where the public sector needs to support delivery of charge points
  • standards for charge points
  • how these can be installed and maintained
  • how it fits with the electricity grid

Until this is published we cannot confirm where on-street EV charging might be delivered.  We cannot currently approve private installations of on-street EV charging points.

We will be installing 150 new charging points by March 2023 in our car parks. This will bring the total number of council owned charging points available to more than 200. Our Drive EV2 webpage gives more information on this.

We are currently focusing on serving as many residents and visitors as possible. We are installing devices in our public car parks. 

We also provide charging points for taxis in Camborne and Bodmin. 


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