Pay as you go - electric vehicle chargers

Using Cornwall Council Charge Points

As part of our Drive EV2 programme to install more electrical vehicle charge points in our council carparks, our provider SWARCO are taking over the operation of our existing EV chargers. 

If you use our existing council EV charge points or want to use our new fast charge points you just need to register for a SWARCO E.Connect account. You can either:

  • request a SWARCO E.Connect RFID card or
  • download the E.Connect app

Just visit the SWARCO website. You can also pay online without registering at New council rapid charge points will also accept contactless as payment.

How to use our charging points

The process to replace the existing charge points and move from Equans/GeniePoint to SWARCO E.Connect will take some time to complete. In the meantime, a small amount of existing charge points will continue to operate via the Equans/GeniePoint system. To use these GeniePoint charge points, you will continue to need:

  • a GeniePoint charge card or
  • to download the GeniePoint app

You can find more information on the Equans/GeniePoint website, including how to register for a GeniePoint account and card. Visit GeniePoint EV Charging

Users will pay to use the charge points. The cost of charging will be set by the supplier and will cover the operation and maintenance throughout the contract.

Car parking charges may apply when charging at Electric Vehicle (EV) bays in Cornwall Council's car parks and on street within pay and display bays. Please refer to car park signage for charges. Vehicles which are parked within EV charging bays and are not using the charge point facilities will be subject to enforcement. 

Problems with charging

GeniePoint and SWARCO are responsible for maintaining charge points in good working order. All complaints regarding faults with GeniePoint charge points should be directed to GeniePoint customer services or with SWARCO charge points to their 24hr helpline 020 8515 8444.

Information about home charging

Cornwall Council is not involved in the provision of household charging facilities.  Government grants are available for residents. They can find information if they:

  • are interested in installing their own domestic charging facilities
  • have suitable off-street parking

Charging Cables on the Highway

Preference would always be to charge off-street or using a dedicated charging point. Details of all electric vehicle charging points in Cornwall is at Zap-Map (UK). As the Highway Authority, Cornwall Council handles safety for all road users. We will not give permission for installation of private units on the Highway due to the various legal restrictions.

Cornwall Council has approved the installation of Kerbocharge channels for charging electric vehicles.  You will need a licence from Cornwall Council to install the EV channel. Please visit Apply to install an EV Charging Channel for further information.

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