Standard documents

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Below are standard documents relating to

  • Section 38 and Section 278 technical approval documents
  • Legal documents
  • Drainage easements
  • Street lighting easements
  • Bonds

Some of these documents are for information only. You will not be able to print or edit these documents.

Technical approval documents

For large documents (up to 4gb) there is the option to upload these via the Council's Egress Form. Please note that we are unable to download documents from third party servers.

Legal documents

Section 38

Section 278

Drainage Easements

Street Light Easements


Performance Bonds

We are currently reviewing our Bonds policy. In the interim we will accept Bonds from NHBC and any accepted company. To be accepted a company must meet the accepted ratings range from one of the below rating agencies.

Rating Agency Accepted Rating Range
Standard and Poors A A1
Moody A P1
Fitch A F1
A.M Best a AMB-1+


We must accept your Bondsman before we progress your application.

Should you have any queries please contact

Advance Payments Code

You can request amendments to the Advance Payments Code Bond wording. A fee is payable per amendment request. We will not consider your request until you have paid the fee. This is payable irrespective of whether the amendment is accepted or not. Please forward any amendments to

Please note time limited APC Bonds are not acceptable.

Please contact the case office on the APC notice for an engrossed Bond.

Cash Bonds

If not already completed identity verification checks must be undertaken.

The information required is set out in the following documents

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