Highway and Infrastructure Adoption fees

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

This page lists the Infrastructure Adoptions fees payable. Non-payment of fees may result in us withdrawing services.

Please ensure payments are clearly referenced. Issues locating a payment may result in considerable delays in processing your application.

Where possible please secure fees as a single payment.

Company ID checks

If not already completed identity verification checks must be undertaken. These must be undertaken before

  • we issue an invoice
  • we receive payment

The information required is set out in the following documents

Please note our fees changed on 1 May 2021.

Section 38 / Section 278 fees

Payable for technical approval and inspection. These do not include the costs of any legal work.

Application fee

Please provide the application fee with your initial submission. This fee is non-refundable.

The application fee can be paid via BACs or telephone payment, using a debit or credit card.

Technical Approval (TA) fee

We will issue the TA fee before the issuing of technical approval. Interim TA fees will be payable where appropriate. Please note that if the invoice is not paid this will delay the technical approval process. The final invoice is payable before technical approval is issued.

We will base the interim TA fee upon the estimate bond value/construction cost. The final invoice will use the final bond value/construction cost. Where a site does not proceed refunds will be at Cornwall Council's discretion.

Inspection fee

We will issue the Inspection fee invoice upon

  • start of the works or
  • issue of technical approval

whichever occurs earliest.

We will base the inspection fee upon the bond value/construction cost for the works. This will be less any application, interim or technical approval fees already paid. An interim fee will be payable if works start on site before the issuing of technical approval. A final fee being payable upon completion of the technical approval process.

Works Value

Application fee (2021/22) Technical Approval fee (includes application fee) Inspection fee (includes application and Technical Approval fee)

£0 - £500,000

£1900  4.5% (min £1900)  8.75% (min £1900)

£500,001 - £625,000

£1900 4.00% 8.00%
£625,001 - £1,000,000 £1900 3.75% 7.25%
£1,000,001 - £1,200,000 £1900 3.50% 6.75%
£1,200,001 + £1900 3.25% 6.25%


Section 278 Minor Works Agreements 

These Agreements are only applicable for minor works and are at our discretion. The Section 278 works are undertaken for a fixed contribution. The fee also covers technical approval, inspection and associated legal costs.

Application fee (2021/22) Technical Approval fee (includes application fee)
£1900 9.5% (min £1900)


Vehicular Crossing (non-standard) applications 

The following fees are payable for the technical approval of non-standard vehicular crossings. A non-standard vehicle crossing application is required where the vehicle crossing

  • does not form part of a Section 38 or Section 278 application, and
  • where the works are to be undertaken under a Streetworks licence.

They do not include the cost of the Streetworks licence

Application fee (2021/22) Streetworks fee
£555 contact streetworks@cornwall.gov.uk


Stopping up/diversion of highways under Section 116 Highways Act 1980

Costs are payable in 2 stages.

The first payment is for the initial consideration of the request. This will include consultation with outside parties.

The second payment becomes due if we agree to make an application to the magistrate’s court. You must pay this fee in advance of us making an application.

We reserve the right to charge further fees. Further fees will apply where the consultation becomes protracted. You will be notified in advance if further fees become payable.

Stage Costs payable (2021/22)
Application (initial consultation) £1800
Application to Magistrates Court £5300


Miscellaneous fees

Type of fee Fee (2021/22)
Traffic Regulation Orders (per order) £5400
RSA2 (undertaken by Cornwall Council) £1800 (£1500 plus VAT)

Structures Technical Approval

This covers the approval of Cat 0 to Cat 3 structures as detailed in the Technical Approval leafletProlonged checks will incur further fees.

£500 per structure

Section 228 Adoption Notice £555
Extension of Agreement £1550
Advance Payments Code Bond wording amendments (per amendment) £165


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