Highway status enquiry fees

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The below fees apply for requests for copies of highway agreements and notices under

  • Section 38
  • Section 278
  • Section 220 - Advance Payments Code notices
  • Section 117 - Stopping Up Orders

of the Highways Act 1980.

Please contact Local Land Charges highway enquiries for

  • confirmation of whether a street is a highway maintainable at the public expense
  • to request a plan showing the extents of an adopted street

Land Registry search will confirm the freehold owner of an area of highway land.

Enquiry/document type Fee (2020/21)

Adoption status enquiry

This will include

  • Confirmation of whether we are in receipt of an application to adopt the road
  • A copy of the relevant Highways Agreement (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of any certificates issued (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of remaining Bond amount (if applicable)
  • Details of any supplementary Agreements and confirmation of the fee
  • Deeds of Grants applicable to the development along with confirmation of the fee
£46.50 (£38.75 plus VAT) per Agreement

Other Highway Agreements

including but not limited to

  • Deeds of Grants of Easement
  • Deed of Variations
  • Extension Agreements
  • Novation Agreements 
£46.50 (£38.75 plus VAT) per Agreement

Advance Payments Code Notices

This will include

  • A copy of the Section 220(1) notice
  • Confirmation of any payments secured with the Council
  • Copies of any supplementary notices issued
£46.50 (£38.75 plus VAT) per Agreement

Stopping Up Orders

This will include

  • A copy of the Stopping Up Order
£46.50 (£38.75 plus VAT) per Order

Other Enquiries

Including but not limited to

  • Confirmation of compliance with a Highways Agreement
  • Confirmation of the current of status of a private road,
  • Confirmation why a private road isn't maintained by Cornwall Council
  • Confirmation of the status of an Advance Payments Code notice
  • Confirmation if there is an Agreement under Section 38
  • Confirmation if there is an Agreement under Section 278
  • Confirmation if there is an Advance Payments Code notice
  • Confirmation if there is a Stopping Up Order
£46.50 (£38.75 plus VAT) per other enquiry


Request copies of highway agreements online

Where possible we will send responses via email. We aim to provide a response within 10 workings days from receipt of the required payment. Where further investigations must be undertaken this timescale may be extended.

Expedited enquires - In some instances we can offer an expedited service. The expedited timescale is within 48 hours of receipt of the required payment. A further fee of £23.25 (£19.38 plus VAT) is payable per document or enquiry. We will confirm if this applies following receipt of your initial request.

Do you need the request form in a different format? Please contact highways-estates@cornwall.gov.uk or phone 0300 1234 222.

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