Civil enforcement officers

Our Civil Enforcement Officers (called CEOs) enforce parking and waiting restrictions on public roads and in Council car parks.

What civil enforcement officers can do

Our CEOs can issue penalty charge notices if vehicles are parked illegally in areas with parking or waiting restrictions.

Our civil parking enforcement procedures explain when a CEO can issue penalty charge notices.

Civil parking enforcement procedures

The CEOs also play a vital role in the provision of our car parks. 

Whilst they complete patrols to make sure that the car parks are available for those who need to use them.

They do also carry out a large number of general maintenance tasks that help to make them run smoothly for those trying to park. For example fixing basic problems with the pay and display machines or payment systems and barriers in the Pay On Exit car parks

What Civil Enforcement Officers are unable to do

Our civil enforcement officers are unable to:

  • Direct traffic 
  • Deal with parking offences that give you penalty points, such as blocking the road. The police would handle these.
    You can find out more in the Devon and Cornwall police obstruction protocol.
  • Use their discretion when issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).
    This is to ensure everyone is treated equally 
  • Issue penalty charge notices for parking on pavements unless there are yellow line restrictions next to the pavement

If you receive a PCN a Representations Officer will review the case.

They will use their discretion if you appeal a penalty charge notice.

They will consider any evidence you provide.

Body Worn Video Cameras

Body Worn Video Cameras have been introduced as part of the CEO equipment.

The cameras are used to improve the safety of the officers and to deter anti-social behaviour towards them.

You can find out more about the the use of these cameras and how the images are stored in the Body Worn Video Camera Policy document.

View the Body Worn Video Camera Policy document.

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