Appeal a parking ticket or fine

If you have recently received a Penalty Charge notice and wish to make a challenge or appeal, please use the appeal online form.
Your case will be placed on hold until you receive a response.

You can challenge a parking ticket or fine if you think it was issued in error.

  • do not pay if you want to make a challenge
  • make a challenge within 14 days of the date of issue
  • if you make a challenge within 14 days of the date of issue you will have another chance to pay at the 50% reduced rate if your challenge is rejected
  • you must make penalty charge notice enquiries and challenges in writing.

Our appeals process flowchart shows the three stages of an appeal.

View the appeals process flowchart

Our civil parking enforcement procedures explain when our staff issue penalty charge notices and how appeals are handled.

View the civil parking enforcement procedures

Stage 1  - informal appeal

The first stage of an appeal is to make an informal challenge. You do not have to submit a challenge at this stage to be able to make formal representations or submit an appeal at the later stages. However doing so may allow your case to be resolved more quickly.

Appeal a parking ticket or fine online

Or you can write an informal challenge explaining the circumstances. You should either email it to or post it to PO Box 664, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 9DH.

Please include:

  • your penalty charge notice number
  • any evidence to support your challenge, such as:
    • a valid pay and display ticket
    • a repair note for a broken down vehicle
    • a delivery note or a pre-paid receipt for loading

Please consider your reasons carefully.

We will tell you our decision either

  • by e-mail if your informal challenge is made online or you provide an e-mail address or
  • by post if your informal challenge is made by post.

If your challenge is successful we will cancel the penalty charge notice.  If your challenge is unsuccessful we will tell you why, and explain the options available to you.

If we reject your challenge, you’ll normally have another chance to pay at the 50% reduced rate. This is only if we receive your challenge within 14 days of receiving the penalty charge notice. You’ll need to pay within 14 days of the date on your letter of rejection. If you don't, you’ll have to pay the full amount.

Stage 2 - notice to owner

If we:

  • reject your informal challenge or
  • if you choose not to submit an informal challenge

the registered keeper of the vehicle (as listed with the DVLA) can make a formal representation.  This is the second stage of an appeal.

We have to wait 28 days before we send the registered keeper a notice to owner. Once the registered keeper has received the notice to owner, they can:

  • use the form on the back to make a formal representation or
  • submit the form online

Submit Formal Representations Online

The registered keeper can make a formal representation for any of the reasons shown on the page below:

They can also give other reasons why the penalty charge notice should be cancelled.

We’ll write to the registered keeper with our decision. If the formal representation is successful, we’ll cancel the penalty charge notice.

If we reject the formal representation, the registered keeper can either:

  • pay the full rate penalty charge
  • appeal to an independent adjudicator

Stage 3 - appeal to an independent adjudicator

This is the third stage of an appeal.  If we reject the formal representation, we’ll send you details of how to appeal with our decision. 

You can also find out more about appealing to an independent adjudicator on the Traffic Penalties Tribunal website.

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